Grungy Lined Coffee Dyed Paper

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25 sheets of "Grungy" coffee dyed lined paper is the perfect paper to add to any vintage style design and will give a new and interesting life to your stationery kit.

These coffee stained pages are hand stained to give an old, vintage look and air dried. Each page is unique and amount of stain + character varies.

Stain Variations may include:
- Light to Dark Shades
- Blotchy and uneven variety
- Darker or uneven edge shades from layering
- Grungy or torn/crispy edges from the dying process
- Marbling
- Splotchy and stained spots

Each page is 100% unique and not evenly dyed - This adds beautiful charm and authenticity to these weathered pages :)

** some batches may include paper brand name text at the bottom of the paper, like "mead".

Please note that your packet will have a faint coffee scent.