Junk Journal Ideas You Can Try

Junk Journal Ideas You Can Try

Junk journaling can be a fascinating hobby where you can explore your creativity to create new art. You get to explore the use of different media and experiment with colors, images, texture, and so much more. There are so many fantastic junk journal ideas found on the Internet, especially on Pinterest and Instagram. There are almost no rules for making junk journals, aside from using junk or scraps as much as possible.

Of course, a junk journal begins with your canvas – your journal. There are so many journals you can use to start with. You can either use an existing journal or make one entirely from scratch if you wish to step it up. If you don't know what junk journal to use, here are some junk journal ideas for you to try:

Old Notebook

If you are new to junk journaling, then a good old notebook is an easy junk journal to start with! Notebooks are very easy to find, and most homes would have an unused notebook lying around. Any kind of notebook works great for junk journaling: of any size or any binding! You can write on the pages, stick ephemera, and color the blank pages of a notebook.

Old Books

Whether it’s an old pocketbook, dictionary, children’s book, or a thick hardbound book, an old book also make a good junk journal!


Traveler’s Notebook

A concept initially created by the Traveler's Company in Japan, the Traveler's Notebook is originally a refillable leather journal enclosed with elastic strings. Over the years, several companies and small businesses have come up with their own versions, sizes, and designs. As a result, it is a trendy type of journal because it is compact, handy, and portable.

The inserts of the journal are refillable and customizable. You can customize your own inserts by making a notebook of your own made with different sheets such as dyed papers, recycled papers, magazine pages, and so forth! It is a good type of journal if you want to take a step further, especially if you're going to customize the type of paper you want to use.


If you want to go big and roomy, then a scrapbook is a great option! A bigger page is great if you're going to add more elements to your junk journal pages, such as large pictures, long texts, and more decorations. 



Binders are also a great idea if you want to customize your junk journal! Like the Travelers Notebook, you can customize your pages also. You can individually make different pages and even create DIY dashboards and pockets. You can also re-arrange the pages!

You will only need a puncher to punch the sides of the pages so you can insert them into your junk journal binder, and you're all set.



If you like a big and colorful page like a collage, then magazines are great to use! What's great about using magazines is that you already have a page full of colors to work on! 

Make one from scratch!

This option can be time-consuming and takes a lot of creativity to work on, but it's definitely worth it! You can use almost every kind of hobby you can think of to work on your junk journal: bookbinding, embroidery, leather sewing, painting, and so much more!


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Never thought about using an old book! Definitely going to turn one of my childhood favorites into a junk journal now.


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